How often do you give consideration to the words you speak and use? Have you ever been surprised to learn that you’ve upset someone else’s feelings by saying something which you thought was relatively inoffensive and harmless? Did you think of it as a bit of a joke, or a throw-away line? As a hypnotherapist […]

Trust Yourself

Since joining the world of solo entrepreneurs (or solopreneurs, as we are now being called!) and having to become reliant solely upon me for my life and living, I’ve had to learn how to trust myself. “That’s easy!” you might say. But, when you really think about it, how easily do you trust yourself? When

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If Love were a coin, then its flipside would be Loss. Many of us will be familiar with the quote from a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892): “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Some may choose to argue with this quote and say that it’s better

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So, you’ve spent years yo-yo dieting and losing weight, only to put it all back on, and then some. Do you know why? You’ve been struggling with anxiety and depression most of your life. You’ve had counselling and therapy. You’ve taken more pills than you’d care to count. And still the anxiety and depression keep

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You can’t quite put your finger on what it is. Or can you? You have your dream job. You have your dream house. You have the car you’ve always dreamed of. Life looks pretty sweet. But something still just doesn’t feel right. You should be happy? No? I can tell you why.

Before Covid19 became the focus of all news reports, the focus of the media and government had steadied itself on men’s mental health. Suddenly, it had become important. Suddenly – why not before? Why is it so important now? Let’s just consider a couple of facts. These come from a 2018 report in the UK. 

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