About Me

Back in the mid-1980s I trained to become a bilingual secretary (with French), and although I worked as a secretary and PA in a variety of settings, I have never to this day been a bilingual one. I don’t believe I’ve really spoken any French since June 1986!

My career has seen me work as a secretary, customer advisor, Holiday Rep and Resort Manager, and in more recent years as Senior Administrator at a world class university. Pretty much all my roles have involved supporting others from which I derive an incredible amount of job satisfaction.

My adult life has seen me battling with anxiety and depression, often triggered by extreme negative stress. I’ve been referred to counsellors and therapists, as well as being prescribed antidepressants in the attempt at managing my condition. But, I didn’t want to manage it – I wanted to be free of it!

In my search for this freedom, I began exploring a range of types of meditation, and through practising it found that I was able to quieten my mind and soothe my soul. I wanted to help others in a similar way, and eventually came to Hypnotherapy.

Training in Hypnotherapy and subsequent reading and learning has allowed me to free myself from more than 40 years of anxiety and depression, by understanding how my mind works and how my past life has continually influenced my everyday life. I may still have the occasionally ‘wobbly’ day, but no longer do I suffer dark weeks, or months, or years. I look at where I was only a couple of years ago and am amazed by the fantastic transformation which has taken place within me.

And this is what I want to help you to achieve – that freedom you deserve so that you can enjoy a better tomorrow!

Do I have a life beyond Hypnotherapy? Well, one of my main hobbies is Historic Re-enactment (see the photos). I’ve been part of The Sealed Knot Re-enactment Society, whose specialism is 17th Century Living History and The English Civil War.

More recently I’ve joined a group re-enacting the expansion of the Western Frontier of the United States of America. Whilst my partner is a Cavalryman in Custer’s ill-fated US 7th Cavalary, I am a Cowhand and Frontiersman. That’s right! I dress up as a bloke! We have gun fights (blank firing only!) and also enjoying entertaining the public in our authentic Frontier/Cavalry Living History camp.

So, that’s me! A Hypnotherapist who loves History! I also love spending time with my cat, Freya and together we live in a rural part of Nottinghamshire. I love, whenever possible, taking advantage of the walks around the lanes within our village and along the River Trent. To be so close to nature and enjoy her calming influence, as well as see the colours and hues of the changing seasons, is a terrific privilege.