The Thousand Mile Journey

How Far Have You Come?

Take a look back through your life and see the 7 year-old you.

How do you look back there? How far have you come since?

What have you been through? How have you survived?

How do I know that you’ve survived? Because you’re here, reading this!

What would you say to the 7 year-old you? What words of wisdom would you offer? How would you share the benefit of your experience?

Why All The Questions?

Because all too often we can become stuck as that 7 year-old, even when we’re 35 or 47 or 54, or whatever age.

We find ourselves carrying history which doesn’t serve us in the present. That history is a millstone we drag around behind us.

Would you naturally drag a millstone around behind you every day of your life?

So, why drag your past around with you in much the same way? Why can’t your past remain in your past?

What’s so important to you, that you can’t let it go?

If you’re stuck in your past and want to move forward – and be honest, who wouldn’t? – call me.

Transform Your Life for a Better Tomorrow! 🙂

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