My name is Lesley and I want to welcome you to Hypno-Freedom.

Through hypnotherapy you’ll discover an excellent way of transforming your life, health and wellbeing, and the key to your emotional and mental freedom in just a few simple steps.


Lesley came to help me with some stress and pain I’d been having due to an accident and other issues I have. She has a calming voice which made me feel relaxed instantly.

The second time she came was even better. I couldn’t stop smiling and felt like I was floating. I’d no idea it (hypnotherapy) was so effective. It’s been having an effect on me. I can hear Lesley’s voice when I’m anxious. Instantly her calming words take me to that safe place. Thank you, Lesley, for helping me to recover. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


Lesley has cured me of a phobia of spiders, it was a life-long fear of mine,  I can now even touch them, no longer do I scream, cry, run or have a total fit if I see one.  She has also helped my daughter who had panic attacks and just could not cope with swimming lessons, she can now complete a session without having to get out of the water in a manic rush, she’s actually enjoying them now.  Lesley’s hypnotherapy is life changing, I can not recommend her highly enough, she is truly a miracle worker!! Thank you so much Lesley.